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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 922 Learning the Truth cut bright
After that, Su Liqing as well as the other individuals unveiled them selves.
However, returning a dozen new women in a number of years was incredibly alarming and unmatched.
“And it’s just many or two. There were clearly for instance a dozen of those, and all of in a few years.”
“Su Yang also told me to a.s.sist as part of your farming. Even though you might happen to be pros within your earlier environment, during the Four Divine Heavens, your farming bases can be extremely vulnerable, nearly nonexistent. Hence, the Lonesome Fairies’ Highly processed Palace will train you into effective cultivators.”
“h.e.l.lo, other sisters. Allow me to introduce you to the Su Group of the Alone Fairies’ Processed Palace.” Luo Ziyi said to the Su Family members out of the mortal world.
Lian Li then given Su Li’er to w.a.n.g Yunxuan.
If the other parents saw this, in addition, they handed their kids for the other G.o.ddesses.
“Sure. Do you need to hold onto her?” Lian Li nodded.
“One particular, Su Yang taken with him in the other entire world much more sisters.”
“Wow… There’s way greater than a dozen men and women here…” The G.o.ddesses were speechless whenever they saw just how many everyone was living in this area.
“It’s merely a sensing.”
“Actually, he’s already filled my entire body in reference to his Yang Qi. I will be pregnant shortly.”
The G.o.ddesses then proceeded introducing them selves.
A while down the road, w.a.n.g Yunxuan reported, “Sister Ziyi, I think that you’re still hiding one thing from us.”
Nevertheless, returning a dozen new most women within a few years was incredibly shocking and unmatched.
Life In The Backwoods
“Speedily! Let me view the new junior sisters! I cannot delay any further!” Among them suddenly urged.
“Certainly, he does have lots of enemies…” The G.o.ddesses predetermined.
Luo Ziyi nodded and said, “I will launch them later.”
Minutes after, they found the second ground where the other people were living.
And she continuing, “Anyways, the main reason Su Yang ‘died’ was because he’d been made to reincarnate when he fulfilled some unexplainable older mankind inside Endless Retribution Cliff, and this man reincarnated 2,000 decades down the road in many unfamiliar community outside of the Four Divine Heavens.”
“P-Pregnant?! Unattainable! He happens to be against that!” Among them then claimed.
“Would you like to see the sisters or infants?” Luo Ziyi chuckled.
The G.o.ddesses ended up speechless just after hearing this.
“Of course, he advised us regarding this right before. He stated it had been mostly since he had way too many adversaries, and he didn’t want excessive difficulty.” Sunlight Jingjing said.
A while after, w.a.n.g Yunxuan explained, “Sibling Ziyi, I believe that you’re still concealed some thing from us.”
“You’re proper, there’s still one— in fact, 2 things I haven’t discovered still.”
“Comply with me. We’ll will need to go somewhere with an increase of bedroom.”
Obviously, this has been over 2,000 several years on their behalf, nevertheless for Su Yang, only a couple of years have pa.s.sed since he reincarnated.
Whilst they were utilised to Su Yang returning a brand new women anytime he would profit, he would usually only profit with one every very few hundred years— two often.

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